Uday Veer Singh - Chairman – Jyoti Educational Society


Chairman – Jyoti Educational Society

An eminent educationist and a social reformer started “Jyoti Educational Society” in 2008 with a single-minded vision to spread education among the young generation, belonging to rural areas, and more specifically, to differentially abled classes of the society. He strongly believes that education is a basic human right. And all learners have a right to education, regardless of their individual characteristics or difficulties. The young generation is sincere, dedicated, go-getters and are keen to adopt new practices of learning. They can comprehend their dreams if they receive focused attention and an inspiring atmosphere.

He nurtures a great sense of pride in his roots and the great tradition & glorious history of India, for him the motto in life is “Service to the Nation First”. No wonder today he has earned a prominent position in the society due to his exemplary work, strong willpower, calibre, conviction, dedication and leadership quality.